Our Mission

In 2006, having been involved in driving, preparing and building his own ice racers, karts, rally cars and touring cars for over thirty years, Charles Hammer decided to offer his knowledge and experienced to the Quebec and Ontario motorsport markets by launching CHAG Autosport Académie.

As the owner of several successfull new car dealerships (Uptown VolvoVolvo Pointe-ClaireVolkswagen des Sources) Charles Hammer has the proven experience of how to meet a customers needs. The CHAG Autosport Academie mission is derived from is unique expertise. The combination of his two fields of passion have resulted in the CHAG Autosport Academie mission.

CHAG Autosport Academie's mission is to provide a one stop, full service, arrive & drive environment for enthusiasts ranging from beginner to expert.

The CHAG Autosport Academie team is comprised of a mechanical engineer/engine tuner, race mechanics and fabricators. Team

Located in Montreal, we operate from a clean, ultra modern 14,000sq ft. facility with the following equipment at your disposal:

  • Mustang 2WD/4WD chassis dynamometer capable of tuning up to 1000HP at a 150MPH
  • DTS engine dynamometer rated to 1500HP with 34 datalogging capability
  • Fuel injector flow bench analysis
  • Shock dynamometer with data analysis, development and maintenance by OHLINS suspensions USA trained technicians.


As a result of our obsession with quality we currently represents the following brands:

  • STAND 21 Racewear driver safety equipment
  • OHLINS suspensions
  • HANS safety device
  • AiM Sports data acquisition systems
  • Gulf oil and lubricants
  • ELF race fuels


Our arrive & drive services consists of:

  • Race car build, preparation and development
  • Race car rental, transportation and race support
  • A racing academy with complete driver development programs 


CHAG Autosport Académie is the promoter of the Quebec GT Challenge series the ideal championship to start in motorsport.

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